13 Dogs With Christmas Lights

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As you are preparing for the holidays, shopping, and hanging up your Christmas lights, we thought it would be fun to share some cute pictures of dogs all lit up.

Pictures of Dogs Showcasing Christmas Lights:

# 1. To start the list off, we have to go with this dog getting into the Christmas spirit. We just love the reindeer hat!


Via Flickr: meredithdavis

# 2. This cute puppy is sure to love Christmas morning with all the wrapping paper and presents! I sure hope he gets something special in his stocking for being such a good pup.


Via Flickr: 27449342@N08

# 3. Ho, Ho, Ho… Merry Christmas! Santa on the left is thinking “Oh my, so much to do to get ready for the holidays.” Reindeer dog on the right is saying “Yay! It’s time to celebrate! I’m so excited!”


Via swvhreno.com

# 4. I’m just a pure cutey with my lights on!


Via Flickr: jillbeninato

# 5. This is just an awesome photo! The colors of the Christmas lights glow beautifully, accenting the dogs.


Via bzdogs.com

# 6. This weimaraner’s face just says it all.


Via Flickr: annierudolph

# 7. The next few pictures are dogs that are just worn out from all the decorating. I mean trying to put lights on the tree is a big chore. They should have invested in a pre-lit tree.


Via Flickr: taylorhood

# 8. Please, I’m just trying to take a nap here and I have all these bright things shining all around me…


Via Flickr: stevenworster

# 9. Another dog tuckered out.


Via http://christmashdwallpapers.com/

# 10. Now this is one festive dog! Completely ready to celebrate all the festivities!


Via Flickr: taylorhood

# 11. Well, it looks like Dad & Mom made this poor fellow dress up against his will. But in lieu of the holidays, he decided to go with the flow and just put on a stern face. Love the beautiful decorating in the background!


Via Flickr: pittylova

# 12. Now here is one happy dog family posing for their Christmas pictures.


Via www.wallpapersdaddy.com

# 13. And do all of these dogs love being wrapped in strings of lights?


Via buzzle.com

Hope you enjoy the fun things to do for Christmas with your dog. Buy a tree, put lights on it and decorate it. Just don’t let your dog get tangled in the lights (but be sure to send us some pics if they do). Visit Santa- I know you can even get pics of your pets with him! And we’d love to see those too 🙂 May your holidays bring joy and happiness to you and your families.


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