21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

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Are you a first time dog parent who’s clueless about what you got yourself into? Or a veteran but still looking for a community to help you out? Maybe you don’t need assistance but want to stay informed with dog news. We’ve found 21 best dog blogs you need to follow.

Ranking based on the number of followers on social media (from most to least)

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

1. Dog Files

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: Kenn Bell decided to combine his skills as a filmmaker with his immense love for dogs to create Dog Files. This is where you can find the very best Dog Video Series and Website on the web.

Why you should follow: It contains dog news that keeps you posted of everything dog related, dog training, and dog advocacy. It has dog videos that will make your day and educate you at the same time. They also post adoption announcements for those on the lookout to adopt a new pet.

2. Dogster

About the blog: Dogster is a family friendly site that shares dog facts, photos and adoption information. Members of their community get to create a profile page for their dog. By doing so, you can add photos to the Photo Galleries, participate in Forums and give and receive gifts.

Why you should follow: Dog facts and news will teach every dog lover the things they need to know about dogs. Breeds, health care, grooming, and more are being posted here. Community members can submit their photos, join conversations in forum, and give and receive gifts and mail.

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

3. Dog Star Daily

About the blog: Dog Star Daily is a daily magazine with news, blogs, and articles about dog behavior. It’s also a comprehensive digital dog training textbook with everything you need to know about training your puppy or dog.

Why you should follow: The valuable training guide available in this site will help build healthy relationships between dog owners and their pet.

4. Grouchy Puppy

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: The award-winning Grouchy Puppy® dog blog was founded over five years ago by Sharon Castellanos after finding out that big, senior, and adopted dogs are viewed as either simple or a threat.

Why you should follow: It’s a beautiful and eye-opening blog to read, focusing on how amazing the commonly stereotyped dogs (such as the senior, large, and adopted dogs) actually are.

5. PetsitUSA

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: PetsitUSA creates an easy way for people throughout the country to locate professionals who are able to provide special loving care for their best friends. It is not limited to dogs but caters to pet owners’ needs for pet sitters or what is now referred to as pet guardians. Therese Kopiwoda founded PetsitUSA.

Why you should follow: There will come a time that you would need to leave your pet behind. PetsitUSA is your go-to for professionals who will take better care of your pet while you’re away. It also has relevant dog articles for your perusal.

6. My Brown Newfies

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: My Brown Newfies is a personal pet/lifestyle blog where Jennifer Costello writes about dogs, pet health, pet products, family, and totally crazy stories that only seem to ever happen to her and her dogs.

Why you should follow: You will instantly fall in love with Jen’s Newfies, Sherman and Leroy. Their fun adventures will not only entertain you but will also teach you the how-to’s of living with dogs.

7. SlimDoggy

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: The SlimDoggy team consists of experienced techies, as well as dog and fitness fanatics. They have been involved with dog rescues for many years and are committing to using the SlimDoggy brand to assist pet focused charitable organizations while they work to solve the pet obesity problem.

Why you should follow: True to its mission and name, SlimDoggy aims to make your pet healthier and fitter. Calorie tracking, food data, and general health information are available on their page. Perfect for the health buff human and dog.

8. Kol’s Notes

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: More than a website, Kol’s Notes is like an online community of dog lovers, bakers, crafters and DIY enthusiasts. They feature different DIY crafts, recipes, and groomings, as well as training tips.

Why you should follow: Follow Kol’s Notes if you like to learn crafts and recipes for your dogs, learn ingenious ways to care for and train your dogs. It’s also best for learning ways in living harmoniously with dogs.

9. Irresistible Pets

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: Irresistible Pets teach pet parents how to create an irresistible life with their pets with educational DIY tutorials and inspiring content targeted to the small dog lifestyle.

Why you should follow: From DIY pet clothes, toys and treats, to personal stories of Aimee and Chuy Chihuahua, Irresistible Pets shows how fun and delightful life with an adorable pet dog is.

10. Art Dog Blog

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: True to its name, Art Dog Blog is a page about arts; dog portraits, mosaic, fine arts and digital technology combined. Rebecca Collins combines her love for dogs, art and technology and offers her masterpiece to both commercial and residential clients.

Why you should follow: Rebecca’s masterpieces from mosaics, paintings, drawings, ceramics and digital artwork are simply stunning. If you love the arts and passionate about your dogs, Art Dog Blog is the perfect fusion of both.

11. Puppy in Training

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: Puppy In Training blog was created to tell the story of Colby, the blog creator, about raising and training service dog puppies. It also helps readers train their puppy.

Why you should follow: If you’re planning to get a puppy and want to raise a practically perfect one or if you already have a pup that’s behaving badly, this blog is for you. Colby’s experience and expertise will help you get up to speed quickly and start working on some of the basics of raising and training a puppy.

12. Oh My Dog!

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: OMD shares dog-related stories to its followers. Maggie shares her pups’ stories, reviews, DIY pup projects, training tips, and more.

Why you should follow: Maggie shares heart-warming, fun, and informative stories about her pets that will inspire you to love dogs (and cats) more. She also shares her knowledge on dog training and everything about cats.

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

13. That Mutt

About the blog: That Mutt is a site for dog lovers who live in the real world.

Why you should follow: That Mutt is the right blog for you if you are open to different training methods and always willing to learn from others.

14. No Dog About It Blog

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: The blog started as Mel, the admin, wants to share pet information with her clients, but over time it has become a venue in which she shares her ponderings, thoughts, pet knowledge and experience on a wide variety of pet-related topics and issues.

Why you should follow: No Dog About It features cute and funny photos and videos of dogs that will surely make your day. Aside from the relevant information about dogs, you’ll also read about shelter pets, pet adoption and stopping puppy mills, as Mel is very passionate about these advocates.

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

15. Stale Cheerios

About the blog: Stale Cheerios talks about positive training methods and animal behaviour. These positive training methods can be used with dogs, horses, rats, cats, exotic animals, and more. They have tips and training stories to inspire you.

Why you should follow: Follow Stale Cheerios to learn how to motivate and communicate with your pets using positive reinforcement training methods.

16. Heart Like a Dog

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: Heart Like a Dog started when Jodi wanted to improve her writing by writing daily. She eventually discovered a really great community of people who love and care about animals. She writes about dogs mostly but also shares her views about other matters.

Why you should follow: Jodi shares stories about her life with her dogs, Sampson and Delilah, that will make you wish you own a dog if you don’t, and appreciate your canine buddy more if you already have one.

17. 2 Brown Dawgs

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: The 2 Brown Dawgs is a personal blog about the escapades of two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who love going hunting.

Why you should follow: These 2 Retrievers have fun hunting, playing outdoors and just being dogs. Their stories will satisfy every adventurous dog owner as they search for activity ideas for themselves.

18. Celia Sue: Have Dog Blog Will Travel

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: Have Dog Blog Will Travel is a dog travel blog focused on the adventures of Cici, a 9-3/4 year old Dalmatian/American Pit Bull Terrier mix.

Why you should follow: This blog features reviews on pet friendly lodging, dining, and wineries. It also features travel tips, news and pet owner’s tips, and even the witty writer’s views on current events. Cici’s travels are every pet lover’s #travelgoals.

19. The Furrtographer

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: Josh is a hero that has rescued 2 blind cats and a Pomeranian dog. He realized that animals with special needs get euthanized in the shelter, so it became his mission to help them find homes. For him, taking great photos of these animals is one of the best ways to do that.

Why you should follow: A picture of a cute dog or cat a day keeps the blues away. And that is what The Furrtographer offers.

20. Tales & Tails

About the blog: Tales & Tails is about the hilarity of everyday life of the author living with their hounds.

Why you should follow: Blueberry, Bunny, Flattery, Kuster, Lilac and Morgan are the names of the adorable hounds of the blog that will give you serious pet goals. They dress up, travel, and live a seriously fun life that brings out positive vibes to those who follow them.

21. Gardening with Wyatt

21 Best Dog Blogs You Need to Follow

About the blog: Wyatt is an 8 year old, Airedale Terrier and this is about her and her sister Tega’s adventures.

Why you should follow: Looking at Wyatt playing and having a wonderful time in their garden will remind you that the world is a beautiful place and you need to stop and enjoy nature to be happy.

22. Outdoor Dogs Blog


About the blog: We are glad that you are here. As an extra, we wanted to share a little bit more about our own Outdoor Dogs Blog. Odi is an extremely active and energetic 6 year old Vizsla. Finding ways to keep him active, along with the passion of the outdoors and the love of dogs, this blog and the Cross Peak Products store was created. The blog is a place to share our life with dogs as we enjoy activities in the great outdoors, travel together, use new dog gear, and just enjoy our time together.

Why you should follow: If you are a dog lover, this blog is for you! Fun stories and useful advice about everyday life with your dog are shared. You will find helpful information about raising your dog, training tips, ways to keep dogs active in the outdoors, and how to travel with your dog. You will find useful advice and fun stories about everyday life with your dog. You will also find inspiring stories, product reviews, guides on the best dog gear based upon real life use by dogs and their owners. Check out the useful guide to the warmest winter dog coats.

In taking care of our beloved pets, we all need to learn from the best. Dog blogs are everywhere online, but these are the cream of the crop. Follow these 21 best dog blogs on the web to make your life living with dogs easier and more fun. Please note that all of the logos are credited directly to each blog.

Drop us a note – Among all these best dog blogs, how many are you already following? Any other favorites that you have?

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