8 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs by Patches

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Now, this is one bad puppy! (Image Source: sitmeanssit.com)

Well, it is the end of November so that means just one thing…. It is time for Thanksgiving!!!! It is one of my Mom’s favorite holiday’s. Probably because since she has been an adult with her own home and family everyone comes to her house to celebrate. Last year Nanny and her husband Bob didn’t come because they both had the flu. This year Nanny won’t be here again because she is having surgery today. I know Mom is really worried about her and will be spending the day at the hospital.

I love when everyone comes over because I get to see all of my favorite people on one day. I really can’t wait!!! I know that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks…which is really cool. I have so much to be thankful for like Mom and Dad’s love, a warm house to live in, a nice sister (most of the time), cool dog gear, and lots of friends that come to visit me.

Of course, I always have to think about dogs and how this holiday affects us. With all the celebrating that takes place it is necessary to make sure your four legged friends are safe. Mom and I came up with some good things to keep in mind. So, we came up with a list of handy tips for Thanksgiving and dogs. The tips even include what dogs can eat at Thanksgiving dinner. I’m sure you are wondering, “can dogs eat turkey?”

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs List:

Tip #1:


Image Source: Hungry Hound

There may be a lot of people that come to your house. Make sure your dog has a place to get away from the crowds if they get overwhelmed. You know that I don’t have a problem with that, but sometimes Gigi does -so it is good to consider.

Tip #2:

Turkey is good for dogs, but make sure you take off the skin. White turkey meat is better than the dark meat. Also, no turkey bones-they are so small and splinter easily, which could cause your dog to choke. I can’t wait for that delicious turkey!!

Tip #3:

No onions, scallions, garlic, or leeks. Even though small well cooked portions may be ok, taken in large doses could cause toxic anemia. Good thing I don’t like any of these…yuck!!

Tip #4:

Cranberry sauce, green beans, squash, pumpkin, mashed potatoes are ok, but NO grapes. They have been shown to cause kidney failure in dogs. Definitely no grapes for me…I am old and I have enough problems without having to deal with kidney failure.

Tip #5:

NO alcohol either. That shouldn’t have to even be on this list, but you know some people just don’t think. Mom would never give me any of that bad stuff anyway.

Tip #6:

Keep chocolate out of reach. One ounce of chocolate to a 30 lb dog could be deadly. Darn..this is one thing I know Mom really likes and if I were given the chance I know I would lick it up!

Tip #7:

Keep a good watch when people are coming and going out of your house. You don’t want your furry little friends to slip out the door and get lost or hurt. That is not a problem for me at all…I do get out, but I don’t go anywhere….Gigi on the other hand… she is BAD…she runs. Maybe though I have been a good model to her so if she gets out she won’t go anywhere. I don’t want Mom to chance it though because I love my sister!

Tip #8:

Make sure to maintain your dog’s walks, exercise, and diet routine. Though the foods above are good for dogs, you don’t want to give them too much as it could really mess with their bellies and cause vomiting, diarrhea or an upset tummy. You know me and my sensitive stomach…Dad is all over that making sure I don’t get things that could cause belly upset. I love to go for my walks and so does Mom and Dad, so that won’t be a problem.


Quick Thanksgiving History Lesson

So now that you have our list of Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs, I want to share a bit of history. I did wonder how this Thanksgiving celebration all happened to begin with so I did what I usually do and asked Mom. She is a GREAT teacher so she never thinks any of my questions are stupid or silly.

She said that a long, long, long time ago there were only Native Americans that lived her on North America. All the developed cultures/communities lived in Europe and Asia. So, there were people who lived in England and the King there said they had to worship the way he wanted them to worship. Some people were really upset about that so they decided to move to the new land-America (They were called Pilgrims). It was a long difficult trip across the ocean and it was very difficult when they got here (first landed in Plymouth, MA). They had difficulty with living and surviving in this new land.


Mom was all about dressing Gigi and I up… I put my paw down on that one…but don’t these guys look cute? (Image Source: Little Things)

After their first successful harvest they had a feast in the autumn of 1621 to celebrate. The chief of the Wampanoag Tribe, his wife and 90 men were going to visit the Pilgrims and they happened to get there when the feast was occurring so they were invited to stay….see Mom is all about strangers coming to Thanksgiving. She is just following history. Isn’t that a great story? I think it is so cool that this is our oldest holiday that we celebrate… such history.

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving…what are you thankful for? I hope you can spend it with those that you love…like I am getting to do… and of course keep it real!

Patches, the All so Famous White Boxer Dog (at least that’s what I think)

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