Easy DIY Halloween Dog Costumes You and Your Pets Will Love

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We’re only a few days away from Halloween! Are your Halloween dog costumes ready? Humans aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy the Halloween festivities anymore. Even pets can join in on the fun with Halloween dog costumes readily available in the stores. Of course, a more unique and creative option is to opt to make your own costume.

But, will you have the time to create it? Some do it yourself costumes are very complex and will take a long time to make. Looking for a quick and easy idea?

We searched the net to help find the easiest DIY Halloween dog costumes you can use this year.

Easy DIY Halloween Dog Costumes

Mummy Dog Costume

A mummy costume could be the easiest and quickest costume to make. Plus, your dog wrapped up in this white ensemble will surely look adorable. There are a couple of ways to go about making a mummy dog. Option 1 is to use a large roll of cotton gauze or multiple ACE bandages. Option 2 is to go with a white hoodie jacket. Either way, your dog will look terrifyingly cute when done.

Mummy Dog Costume
Image source and DIY details: Pet MD

Mexican Dog Costume

How about a Mexican-themed Halloween costume? A dog in a poncho and sombrero could be the cutest thing you’ll see this Halloween. This costume is also fairly easy to make as it only takes about 30 minutes to achieve this look. Check out the link below from DIY Inspired for complete instructions.

Mexican Dog Costume
Image source and DIY details: DIY Inspired

Ghost Dog Costume

A ghost costume is another easy to make costume. This is especially frightening when a pack of dogs wear it together (as in the photo below). It’s also cheap to make as you will only need a white, twin size sheet, a length of elastic, a black marking pen, needle and thread. The challenging part of this costume is having your dog relax and allowing you to throw a sheet over his head.

Ghost dog costume
Image source and DIY details: Pet MD

Harry Potter Dog Costume

Who doesn’t know The Boy Who Lived? Harry Potter has become a favorite of both kids and adults during the Halloween. Make your dog’s Halloween magical by turning him into the boy wizard everyone loves. Harry Potter may belong in the Gryffindor house, but you may customize it so that your dog wizard can also be a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw. Complete the look with Harry Potter’s signature eyeglasses. See All Free Holiday Crafts link below for this cool Halloween look.

Harry Potter Dog Costume
Image source and DIY details: All Free Holiday Crafts

Ewoks Dog Costume

Geeky dog parents will want to dress up their dogs in their favorite Star Wars character. Here’s a fun fact: Ewoks were created after George Lucas’ Griffon Bruxellois pet dog. No wonder when dogs wear Ewoks costume, they automatically look like they’re straight from the movie set.

Ewoks Dog Costume
Image source and DIY details: Cute DIY Projects

Chia Pet Dog Costume

Another easy and unique costume to make is the Chia Pet Dog Costume. You will only need to make the ceramic terra cotta looking legs, and then make a Chia plant shell. Although there are ready made Chia pet dog costumes in the stores, you can make your own as the materials needed are easy to find and it’s simple to put together.

Chia Pet Dog Costume
Image source and DIY details: Instructables

You may check this quick video from Brit + Co. It’s  a step-by-step guide on how to make a Chia Pet Dog costume:

Raggedy Ann Doll Costume

This costume can be done in a jiffy. Plus, you will need only a few materials to create it. All you need is a yarn, a pair of scissors, bows to decorate the hair and a glue gun to put them all together. It doesn’t even need to be perfect as you’re going for the raggedy look. That’s it and your pooch is all ready for trick or treat.

Raggedy Ann Doll Costume
Image source and DIY details: Hostess Handbook

Kids and adults alike prepare for Halloween every year. Everyone is excited to see the unique costumes that will be strutted around the neighborhood. It is now even more exciting waiting to see how many pets will be walking around all dressed up. Let your pet steal the show this year!

Have you decided what Halloween dog costume your pet will be wearing this year? Patches and Gigi might be wearing their same bee and ladybug costumes from previous years. Whatever it is, keep them comfortable so that it doesn’t get in the way of fun.

Happy Halloween!

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