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Rainy weather can put a damper on your outdoor adventures with your dog, but it doesn’t have to. You wear the right rain jacket to keep you dry and now you can keep your dog dry as well with a dog raincoat. So, we chose one of the top selling dog rain coats, the Hurtta Slush Combat Suit Dog Raincoat, to review.

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Hurtta Slush Combat Suit Review


We put the Hurtta Slush Combat Suit to the test with our vizsla, Odi. He walked in the raincoat, ran in it, played fetch… all in the rain. He also wore the dog jacket out in the field for a mud prevention test.

The “mud prevention test” was done at a location where Odi runs leash free through fields, brush, streams and a pond. We took Odi there following 2 days of continuous rain, which makes the fields a swampy, muddy mess. Normally, this means a fun outdoor adventure… a muddy, wet dog… bath time for Odi… ending with a shower for us. I know you all can relate.

We assessed the Hurtta Slush Dog Raincoat for durability, water resistance, breathability, comfort, mobility and features.


Dog Raincoat Performance Overview

Water Resistance & Breathability


The Slush Combat Suit is a great option when looking for lightweight rain gear for your dog. The dog raincoat is super lightweight and has a nice stylish fit. The dog rain jacket offers solid protection for your dog against wet weather, keeping them completely dry across the body area and down the legs.

In our hands-on tests, we found this dog raincoat to be completely waterproof, even throughout the zipper area. We also found that the Slush Combat Suit kept Odi clean and dry during his field run, except one area on his back end where the rain jacket did not cover. We were super excited that we did not have to give him a bath!

The Hurtta Slush Combat Suit is a three-layer dog rain coat consisting of a lining that reduces friction for a comfortable wear against the dog, a “waterproof breathable” membrane with the Houndtex® fabric, and an external outer fabric. The three layers create a waterproof, windproof, and breathable rain coat. Breathability is the ability of the dog raincoat to allow moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material from the inside out. A three-layer rain jacket (aka Hardshell Rain Jacket) is known to be the most durable, most comfortable, most athletic, but also the most expensive. This is true for the Hurtta Slush Combat Suit. It is extremely durable, breathable, and designed for active dogs. It is one of the best dog raincoats, but also comes with the price tag.



The Hurtta Slush Combat Suit has some thoughtful design features that make it stand out. The dog raincoat has a snap in the front top to hold the jacket up once you get the front legs in. This really comes in handy when putting the rain coat on. The zipper has material underneath it for a comfortable wear. It has reflective strips for visibility and safety. Lastly, it is machine washable. Just throw it in the wash once it gets muddy and wet!

The Slush Combat Suit comes in a nice granite color that is gender neutral. However, the zipper and the bottom of the leg cuffs are a raspberry color. Odi didn’t seem to mind- I think he knows it is important to support breast cancer awareness. ☺



The Hurtta Dog Raincoat has an athletic cut and fit, allowing for great mobility and freedom to move for your dog. We found that it is really important to measure your dog (especially the chest and length) to get a good fit. Odi has a deep chest, so we used that as our main measurement and actually had to order the next size up since he was in between sizes. Don’t worry if the neck size seems too large, as it has a cinch pull to make it smaller. Also, the leg cuffs have snaps making it easy to adjust the size of the leg holes for a better fit.

Cons of the Slush Combat Suit


This is a lightweight, rip-stop rain jacket. Therefore, it is not made for running through thick brush, briers, etc. As we found out the hard way, this dog raincoat will get a hole punctured in it from a brier bush. We assumed this to be true beforehand, just as it would be with our rain gear, but Odi just loves to run through the tall grass and weeds.

Due to the Slush Combat Suit being a full-body dog raincoat, it may take your dog a few times to get used to the feel if they have not worn clothing that goes over their legs before. The first time that we put this raincoat on Odi, he walked about 10 steps out into the rain and just stood there. We even tried to play with his favorite toy and he wouldn’t budge. It took him several times wearing this dog rain jacket to get used to the feel and to run freely. Now, he doesn’t even notice it.


The Hurtta Slush Combat Suit is a wonderful dog raincoat with some nice features. The fabric is durable and the overall construction is of great quality. With the Hountex® fabric, the rain coat keeps out the elements very well and ends in a dry and clean dog. This dog jacket is a piece worth investing in!


Watch Our Video of Odi Reviewing the Dog Rain Jacket

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