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dog car seat covers

Dogs love to go for car rides with their owners and it is great to take them along. While dogs may love to take a spin around the block, they can leave many traces of themselves in your vehicle- pet hair, dirt, mud, drool – all of which can end up ruining the upholstery. And that is just during a quick trip.

What about times when you take your dog on an outdoor adventure? You know they are going to come back filthy, wet & muddy. You really don’t want them to hop into your vehicle, but there are no other options. Use a dog seat cover and you don’t have to worry. Don’t forego your escapades in fear of your vehicle getting ruined… simply keep your vehicle protected!

Buy seat covers for dogs

Dog seat covers are the solution!

Your pooch is your best friend, but do you realize that Fido can cause havoc to your vehicle’s interior. Sharp claws can cause tears & rips. Muddy paws leave tracks. Dog hair finds its way everywhere and can be really difficult to sweep out. Dog proof seat covers provide indispensable protection to keep your ѕеаtѕ frее frоm dirt, stains, mud, pet hair, nail scratches, accidents, and other messes.

While dog car seat covers are specifically designed to keep your vehicle protected from your pooch, they also keep your vehicle protected from other daily uses. Seat covers prevent upholstery stains after coffee spills & messes from kids. Cargo mats work great at keeping the back carpet area protected from your outdoor gear, bike grease, grocery spills, muddy boots, and sand from vacationing at the beach.

Seat covers for dogs offer a level of protection against unfortunate occurrences that damage your vehicles interior. Dog seat protectors can potentially save you lots of money in the long haul from repairing and reupholstering your vehicle.


Types of Seat Protectors

Before you can choose the best dog seat cover, you need to know what types are available, as well as the features & materials of each. Pet seat covers are available in different styles to fit your vehicle. The best seat cover for your pets will be one that keeps them comfortable, but also provides the best protection for your vehicle and fits your needs. There are three main styles of seat covers for dogs to choose from – fitted, hammock style & cargo mats.


Fitted Seat Covers for Dogs


Solvit Deluxe Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover

The most common fitted cover is the bench style dog seat cover, designed for the rear bench. The fitted universal seat covers for dogs come in standard sizes to fit in most vehicles. Bench style & custom fitted seat covers provide full back seat protection.

The simplest dog bench seat covers resemble mats that are spread over the back seat. Many of these seat covers allow for passengers by having special openings that allow access to seat belts. They often have straps that go over the head rest or Velcro fasteners to keep the cover in place. The Solvit Bench Seat Cover has a patented Sta-Put technology to keep the cover in place. One of the best seat covers for trucks is the Mud River 2 Barrel Dog Seat Cover. It has a tough construction that keeps the seat & floor protected. In addition, it can be used as a utility mat in the pickup bed.


Canine Covers Bucket Seat Protector

The best seat covers for a car with a dog riding in the front passenger seat are bucket car seat covers for dogs. Bucket seat covers can be used on the front passenger bucket chair or rear bucket chairs if your vehicle has them instead of the rear bench. The Solvit Bucket Dog Car Seat Cover is universally designed to fit standard bucket seat sizes. A more custom style, such as the Canine Cover Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Protector, will ensure a good fit to your specific vehicle’s bucket seat.

Custom fitted dog seat protectors are perfectly tailored to fit the back seat of your specific vehicle. A custom fit allows the cover to be designed to the specific contours of your seat. In addition, if your back seat has a split seatback, the custom cover can incorporate it into the unique pattern. The custom dog car seat covers have many features, but also come with a price tag. For the ultimate protection and custom design, you will want to go with a Canine Covers Custom Rear Seat Cover. The Custom Rear Dog Seat Cover can be used in conjunction with the Custom Cover All Protector that is custom fit to cover the floor and up the back front seats for the utmost protection of your vehicle’s interior.


Dog Hammock Seat Covers

hammock dog seat cover

Kurgo Hammock Seat Cover

A hammock seat cover is simple to use and brings complete protection of your vehicle’s back area. The hammock style back seat cover drapes from the rear headrests to the front headrests – creating a hammock feel. The hammock seat covers for dogs not only keep the back seat clean, but also provide protection from hair and dirt on the back floor area. In addition, the dog hammock seat cover creates a barrier that keeps your pet dog from jumping into the front seat. A great choice for this style cover is the Kurgo Hammock Dog Seat Cover. You get excellent protection, as it is waterproof and stain-resistant, and it can be used with passengers.


Cargo Covers, Liners & Mats for Dogs


Duragear Cargo Cover

Cargo mats and liners are used to protect the cargo area of SUVs or vans. There are many different styles of cargo liners on the market. A simple cargo cover for dogs resembles a mat or blanket that covers the entire carpet area, such as the Duragear Cargo Liner.

Some cargo liners attach to the back of the rear seat and can be used when the rear seat is in the upright or down position. These dog cargo liners allow the entire rear carpet to be covered if the back seats are taken out for maximum space. An excellent option is the Canine Covers Cargo Liner that is super quilted to give your dog a comfortable ride. It also is custom tailored for a perfect fit and can be designed for split seats.

The last type of dog cargo covers attach to the back of the rear seat and go up the sides of the cargo area. This type of dog cargo cover keeps the entire rear area protected, including the sides of the cargo area. A budget friendly option is the K&H Quilted Cargo Cover. It is held in place along the sides with Velcro.



Dog car seat covers are available in a wide range of materials that provide everything from a rugged durability of canvas to a soft, luxurious comfort of microfiber suede. Many materials are treated with a water repellent coating, which adds a protective barrier against spilled drinks or pet accidents. Others, such as vinyl coated polyester, are waterproof.

One of the most common fabrics used for seat protectors is poly-cotton because it combines the softness of cotton with the protection of polyester. This yields an easy to clean material that stands up to spills, dogs, and UV protection. Ultimately, the material you choose should be based on your needs, as well as the comfort of your dog.

Most of the materials are machine washable, which is a very important attribute. Most of us love the smell of a brand new car, but usually not the left over stink of a smelly, wet dog. Dog seat covers can simply be thrown into the washing machine for a fresh, clean scent.


Colors & Designs

Dog car seat protectors are made to fit all types of vehicles- SUVs, trucks, cars & vans. Covers are most often available in neutral colors, such as black, tan or gray. The neutral colors match most vehicle interiors and are the most popular dog seat covers available. However, there are now a few options available if you don’t want to fit into the standard mold. At Cross Peak Products, we now have unique patterns and colors available for your style, including paw print covers or camo seat covers.


So What Are the Best Dog Seat Covers?

The answer depends on your unique situation. Knowing how much protection and how you will be using the covers will determine what is the best dog seat cover for you and your pooch. Answer these questions: What adventures are you and your dog going to get into? How long are your car rides going to be? Will you be having human passengers or just canine passengers? Will you be transporting both dogs and kids? Where will your canine friend be riding (front, rear)? Then, determine what style, material & color of dog seat covers will be optimal for your situation.

Really, the best seat covers for dogs are the ones that allow your dog to go along for the ride, while you know your seats will be taken care of!


  • Caleb Hart says:

    I think it’s great that there are products like this out there. My dog loves to go on rides with me in the truck. It would be so awesome to get some camo seat covers. Hopefully the wife would approve of my design choice.

  • Rivi says:

    Thanks for sharing the various options available for dog seat covers.

  • Van says:

    Thanks for this post. I have a lab and he is just messy after every single outing. I’m so thankful for dog seat covers!

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