Dogs Dressed Up for Halloween in Cute Costumes

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It is almost trick or treat time. So fun to see all the little kids…ok and some big their Halloween costumes. And it is even more fun to see dogs dressed up for Halloween. I love to meet everyone at the door and say hi. So does Gigi. Mom and Dad have a difficult time trying to manage the door, handing out candy, and keeping Gigi and I inside. I have to admit that sometimes I slip out to greet everyone. Since Gigi isn’t such a great listener she really can’t slip outside. Mom’s afraid she will run away. Yea, she does that sometimes….and then someone has to run after her. I think that needs to be another blog to get your dog to listen… ok..I digress..what’s new?

Back to Halloween. Mom has to be careful when she answers the door too because sometimes the little ones…and big ones are afraid of us. I know it is hard to believe that ANYONE would be afraid of me. I am just so lovable and friendly, but nevertheless it happens every year. It is hard for me because I just LOVE humans and I don’t think about them not loving dogs so much. It makes me sad to think that something may have happened to them that makes them afraid of me, or their parents didn’t take them around dogs to help them understand.

Dogs Dressed Up for Halloween

dog dressed up for Halloween-ladybug-costume

Gigi sporting her ladybug costume – so cute!

While I LOVE the kids in their costumes, I am not a fan of the dogs dressed up thing for me. Yes, I love to see other dogs dressed up for Halloween, but for me, not really. My Dad was never into us dogs being dressed up and neither were my other 2 moms. My now Mom- YES, she LOVES it. She thinks it is so cute when dogs get dressed up for Halloween.

When she was at the PA Grand Canyon, she and Josh went into a Walmart for something and Josh spied the Halloween costumes for dogs. He insisted she buy costumes for Annabelle (his dog), Gigi and me. And of course, Mom that the all the Halloween costumes for dogs were just adorable so she couldn’t say no. Mom bought a shark costume for Annabelle and Gigi a ladybug. She didn’t think Dad would appreciate me wearing a costume so she said no to the bumble bee costume Josh thought I should have. Yes, I thought that there would only be 2 dogs dressed up for Halloween in our family and not me.

Just to put in a random thought – if you want to dress your dogs up for Halloween but don’t want to purchase an outfit, you should check out the new DIY Halloween Costume ideas.

Now There Are 3 Dogs Dressed Up for Halloween in Our Family


Me in my bumblebee costume.

Well, I ended up being wrong. Now there will be 3 dogs dressed up for Halloween in our family. Why? Great question…Mom went shopping for dog food the other day and the store had their doggie Halloween costumes at 50% off. Guess what? You will never believe it. There was a bumble bee costume there! Mom decided to get it. She figured she would deal with Dad. So, she brings it home and after dinner she decides to get us dogs dressed up. Yes, Gigi and I had to put on these Halloween costumes for dogs!

Ummmmm to say it was a traumatic experience is an understatement. I HATED it. Did she not figure out how I hate that stuff after last winter when she and Dad put on my expensive dog coat and I just stood there that a costume would be out of the question? Ok, well there are some really great dog coats available that I should wear b/c they would keep me warm so I wouldn’t have to shiver during the winter. You know I do not like the cold. I digress again…


Us 2 dogs dressed up. Ok, maybe we do look pretty good in our Halloween costumes for dogs…

Gigi thought it was fine getting all dressed up in her costume…I guess she is used to Mom dressing her up. She wears dog clothes all the time. She even has a 2 piece bathing suit! Gigi did look awfully cute in her ladybug costume! Just look at her pic. Mom did get a couple of pictures of us dogs dressed up in our Halloween costumes.

Well, I told Mom not to post any more pictures of us dogs dressed up in our Halloween costumes – other than the one of Gigi, but I’m sure she did… that’s how she rolls you know. She took the costume off of me pretty quickly- thank goodness! I had to take a nap to recover. Well, maybe too because we had been playing outside after dinner for quite some time.

Mom found a website from the ASPCA that gives you Halloween tips with your pets-especially dogs. I really wish she’d have read it first, especially number 5 where it says “Dress-up can be a big mess-up for some pets.” Really, dogs dressing up can be a great thing, as with Gigi, or a disaster, as with me. Here are the tips for you to take a gander at and help you to have a safe and happy Halloween. She also found an article on Mail Online Reporting showcasing dogs dressed up for Halloween at a dog parade in New York City. Some of the dog costumes are very creative.

Maybe if Mom would have been a little more creative I would not have such costume issues. Do you dress up your dogs? Do they like it? I would love to see the pics of your dogs dressed up for Halloween. I hope you get more treats than tricks and remember to keep it real. Patches, the white Boxer.


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