Grand Canyon of PA & Petting Zoo Fall Trip

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One of the trails in the Canyon

This Fall seems to be slowly changing from the warm days to wonderful sunny days with a bit of a chill in the air at times. The best part of Fall that I have noticed is how the trees change colors. That is really amazing! When have lived your whole life in southern California and Arizona this changing of the trees colors is pretty darn amazing.

Mom said when she was a little girl…like a thousand years ago… her family would go on trips north to see the changing of the leaves. Their favorite place to go was to Niagara Falls. It was cool…they’d get to see the beautiful leaves and the power of the falls. They were there one time when the Falls were blocked and no water was coming from them. They even went a couple of times on a boat behind the Falls. She said that was fun times.

Another great place to go that isn’t quite so far away is the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (aka the Grand Canyon of PA).

Mom’s Trip to the Grand Canyon of PA


Overlook of the PA Grand Canyon

Mom went to the Grand Canyon of PA this Fall. Don’t even ask if she took me along…you can know the answer to that one… again NO!!! For real, does she not think I wouldn’t be a good girl, or wouldn’t love to go? I have a sneaky suspicion that Dad has something to do with me not being able to go. You know he thinks since I am a senior dog I can’t go places, especially if there are rough trails. Mom did say she saw a couple of dogs in the park. She said they looked very young and could handle hiking.

Anyway, there are 2 trails you can go on at the East Rim of the Canyon. So don’t get all excited like this is even a fraction of the beauty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona..that Dad did take me to…so there Mom! She did say it is very beautiful though. Back to the trails at the Grand Canyon of PA. One is called Overlook, the other is the Turkey Foot. The Turkey Foot took you to the bottom of the Canyon and back up. The other one took you to a very nice viewing area where you could see the Grand Canyon of PA from a top view.

Since Mom was with Sarah and Josh, they decided to just do the shorter Overlook Trail. It was a nice little hike and good exercise for everyone. The leaves were so beautiful and they met some people along the way. After the hike at the Grand Canyon of PA, they went back to town. They stayed in Wellsboro. The town is quaint and the streets are lined with lampposts. They have all kinds of neat stores. Their favorite is called Dunham’s Department Store. It is like a real old time store. So fun. They had dinner in town and afterwards Josh and Mom went for a swim in the pool. It was a full fun day.

The next day they had decided they were going to go on a horse drawn wagon ride through the Grand Canyon of PA. They tried calling on Friday night, but couldn’t get in touch with anyone and the wagon ride’s website was down. So they just drove to the place on Saturday to see if they could get on one of the trips, but all the rides were completely full- 2 rides on Saturday and 1 on Sunday morning. They were so disappointed. So as a hint, if you ever go visit the Grand Canyon of PA, makes ure you call ahead to get a reservation at the Ole Covered Wagon Tours, it would be so worth it. Here is the link to check it out- The pictures are pretty cool.

Petting Zoo Time


Josh feeding the animals

So instead, Mom and family went to the little petting zoo. Josh got to feed and pet some animals. He was so cute when he was trying to feed them. Of course, the older/bigger animals would push out the little ones. Josh had his Mom and I distract the bigger ones so he could feed the babies, or as he called them-little cutie pies. The petting zoo was fun. That evening, they ended up just ordering in for dinner and just relaxing after a trip to the pool.

If you’ve never been, you should try to get up to Wellsoboro and the Grand Canyon of PA. It is a great place just in our backyard. I would really recommend to take a trip there in the Fall. Then you can see all the beautiful leaves that have changed colors to bright yellow, red, & orange. Of course, I imagine it is beautiful any time of year. Keep it real and don’t forget to take your 4 legged friends on hikes so they can enjoy this Fall!

Patches, your favorite white boxer 🙂

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