About the Outdoor Dogs Blog

We Love Dogs! We Love the Outdoors! We Love to Share With You!

So We Give You the Outdoor Dogs Blog!

That sums up the creation of this dog blog. We wanted a place to share our life with our dogs as we enjoy activities in the great outdoors, travel together, use new dog gear, and just enjoy our time with our dogs. The outdoor dogs blog is a place where we will share our dog adventures and travel explorations, as well as many other great things.

The Outdoor Dogs Blog was created as the dog blog for Cross Peak Products. The blog is here to help you find useful information about raising your canine, such as dog training tipsand other useful advice for everyday life with your dog. In addition, there will be articles about the best dog products, pet product reviews, guides on dog gear and general dog news. Of course, this is a blog about dogs, so we will also feature some fun dog stories and dog pictures!

For some time we had special posts written by one of our favorite dogs, Patches. Patches is a white boxer that has a lot to say about all kinds of random topics that have to do with life as a senior dog, family, about Mom’s activities, about hanging out with her sister Gigi, and other things that she “muses” about. Hence the name was given “Monday Musings of Patches.” While Patches is no longer “musing” as she is getting older and not doing as well, we still are keeping up all the posts from Patches so feel free to check them out.

While this blog can sometimes be tailored to dog owners that love doing outdoor activities with their pups, we hope that we will provide value to anyone that is a dog lover. We want you to find the information you are looking for- advice on how to train your dog, the best dog gear for outdoor activities, entertaining & fun stories, or whatever you please. Let us know if you have any suggestions or topics you want to hear about and we will do our best to provide that information.

Most importantly for us, we want to connect with you. We absolutely would love to hear from you, hear your stories, and see pictures of your dogs. If you would like, we would even love for you to write a guest post for our blog. There are many ways to connect with us- write a comment under the specific article post, send us an email at support@crosspeakproducts.com, or hit the live chat button. If you share a story or photo of your dog, please let us know if we are able to share it publicly on the Outdoor Dogs Blog. We know others would love to hear about your adventures, as well as see your dog’s pics, but we also respect your privacy. Either way, we still want to hear from you.

As mentioned, this blog is tied to our online dog store Cross Peak Products. Cross Peak Products carries innovative dog supplies for active living, outdoors, and travel. You can visit our dog supply store by clicking here.

Have a great day, live life to the fullest, and enjoy every moment with your dog. Our motto: Playtime, Adventures, Dog Gone Fun!