Hurtta Torrent Coat Review – Excellent Dog Rain Jacket

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Australian Shepherd wearing Hurtta Torrent Coat

I am a huge fan of Hurtta dog wear so not surprisingly had to order their Torrent Rain Coat to add to my Australian Shepherd’s wardrobes. I’ve been testing the Torrent Coat for the past month in different weather conditions and wanted to pass on thoughts based on my experience.

I and my Australian Shepherds live in the Pacific NW where we receive our fair share (and probably others) of rain. Most weekends we are outside hiking and playing on forest trails or at the coast. The first 3 weekends of wearing the coat we went on short hikes with cloudy skies, wind and temperatures in the 40-50 degree range.

Both of my Australian Shepherds have very full hair coats so we were looking at this coat from the aspect of breathability without a lot of warmth as well as the ability to keep their coats clean and dry in order to avoid full baths when we returned home. This coat did not disappoint.

1. Breathable Material Dries Quickly

We hiked for a couple of hours, including some off leash run time, and neither dog became excessively warm. Both stayed at a comfortable temperature likely due to the Houndtex fabric and mesh liner, which does a really great job of “breathing” rather than trapping air and thus body warmth under the coat. Even when fully wet, as we experienced this week when we went jogging in the rain, this material dries quickly as well when air-dried and is ready to cover and protect your dog on their next adventure.

2. Torrent Coat Keeps Dogs Clean and Dry

dog coat jacket for rain and spring

It had also rained all of the weekends we were out, so I was also able to test how clean the torrent coats kept my dogs as there were plenty of mud puddles and just plain muddy trails to choose from for our hiking adventures. Again, the dog rain coat performed well.

The Hurtta Torrent Coat provides excellent body overage without a lot of bulkiness. With the high neck and between the front legs section that loops over the back for fastening, there was no issue with mud or water other than on their legs and the back of their belly area which was totally to be expected.

There is even an outer flap on both sides of the front of the coat to provide additional coverage for their front legs yet not inhibit their movement. My dogs’ ability to run and play was not at all restricted by their wearing these rain coats and I was super pleased with their ability to keep both dogs clean and dry.

3. Great Design

This rain jacket is definitely designed for an active dog and Hurtta has thought of most every detail that a dog-owner could ask for. It was a great choice for both of my dogs and is available in both the Cherry and Raven colors. As someone who spends a lot of time taking pictures of her dogs in beautiful locations, they even got the colors right. The Cherry color is stunning and really pops in a picture with the Raven being a wonderful compliment to it.

4. Specific Features

Going a bit deeper in the details mentioned above:

Feature 1: High neck with 2 adjusting cords for a great fit.

Torrent Coat adjustment cords

Feature 2: Front flaps to protect against water/mud without restricting movement.

front flap on torrent dog rain jacket

Feature 3: Center section and belt which goes between the front legs with the best fastening over the back to keep water/mud limited to the lower legs and paws only. It also allows for putting the coat on super quick which is appreciated when they’ve been home all day without a potty break. Simply put the coat over their head, loop the center section thru their front legs and snap the belt over their back. The belt is also fully adjustable.

front hurtta torrent raincoat

Feature 4: Large size opening with snaps for fastening of the leash to a harness. Very easy to access and wide enough to eliminate any struggle over threading the leash thru the coat to reach the collar or harness attachment point.

Hurtta outdoor torrent coat leash opening

Feature 5: Back leg straps to assist in keeping the coat in place. It is optional to use the straps, but they do help.

leg straps on hurtta dog coats

Feature 6: A snap fastening below the tail which prevents the sides from “flapping” while keeping the coat in place and centered on the dog’s body (NOTE: this fastening MUST be unsnapped to allow for your dog to do their business; i.e. poop).

back snap on dog rain coat

Feature 7: At the base of the neck and the front leg sleeves where there could be friction, Hurtta has used a very soft fabric to prevent rubbing and chafing. All edges are belted as well. Not an issue for my Australian Shepherds, but could be for short haired or sensitive skinned dogs.

comfortable and soft dog rain jacket

5. Other Considerations

hurtta torrent coat review

All things considered, I really love this Torrent Raincoat but as with everything in life, nothing is 100% perfect. On our last adventure outside, it was pouring rain. I found the Torrent coat was not staying centered on my dog’s body and was slipping to one side. Unlike some of the other Hurtta dog coats which have front leg sleeves to help keep the rain coat in place, this coat does not so it is very important to use the cords provided as well as the back leg straps to adjust the coat for an optimal fit.

This will help the coat to stay in place and centered on your dog’s body thus prevent slippage. Part of the slippage for me was likely attributed to the fact that my dogs are Australian Shepherds with docked tails. A dog with a tail wearing the coat with the back snap fastened would likely have no issue with slippage to the side. Just adding this info as something to be aware of.

In addition, the only feature I would love to see added to this dog rain coat is an opening in the front for fastening of a leash to a front attaching harness. If you have a dog that pulls consistently, you likely attach your leash to the front of their harness. There is not an opening in this coat for that. Not a deal breaker by any means, but again something to be aware of.


As noted above, the Torrent coat is available in both Cherry and Raven in a full selection of sizes to fit any dog. It’s a wonderful rain coat which considers most every detail a dog owner could ask for in a performance rain coat. In addition, it’s very stylish and continues to work well for our weekend outdoor activities in the rain and wind of the Pacific NW.

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australian shepherd dogs with owner

Vicky is a Midwest transplant who has called the Portland, OR area home for the past 20 years. She is accompanied on weekend hiking adventures by her Australian Shepherds Tristin who is 2 years old and Luc who recently celebrated his first birthday.

They spend their weekends hiking, playing with their Aussie friends on visits to a horse farm and dock diving. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures of her Aussies in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific NW, competing with her Half-Arabian mare Elle in Arabian riding competitions and volunteering for an Aussie Rescue organization.


  • They look amazing! I have some Torrent coats on the way for our camping trip soon and we always get rained on! It will be great to keep the dogs dry when they come into the tent. I’m also excited to use them when I go backpacking. Great review!

  • I recently got the Torrent Coats, too! I needed a Spring rain jacket that kept the dogs dry but one that wasn’t too hot for them while they were running around. I really like them!! 😀 Great review!

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