Hurtta Ultimate Warmer Dog Jacket Review

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We love Hurtta’s line of winter wear- so it is no surprise that the Ultimate Warmer Dog Jacket was on our list of dog coats to review. We must say that this is the perfect jacket to keep dogs warm in bitter cold temperatures. It allows dogs to be outdoors and enjoy winter adventures for extended periods of time despite freezing cold weather. Without further ado, let’s jump into the details of this coat.

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Ultimate Warmer Performance Review:

1. Warmth & Mobility

Hurtta Ultimate Warmer Dog Jacket on Vizsla

This past week, we had temperatures in the single digits with wind chills below zero. Odi, being a short-haired Vizsla, gets chilled really fast, especially in brutally cold weather. However, he also is extremely active and literally needs to run and play outdoors every day. This brought us to a great time to truly test out and review the Hurtta Pro Ultimate Warmer.

We bundled up together. Odi wore his new coat and I put myself into my warmest ski coat, gloves and hat. And outside we went! We went for a long walk and then played fetch in our yard. I was freezing by the end and ready to come in. Odi, on the other hand, was not showing any signs of being cold. The coat insulates short haired dogs extremely well.

The Ultimate Winter Warmer is the warmest dog coat that we have tested. It has excellent coverage over the body without restricting any movement. The coat has a high collar that comes up the neck. The coat has a front chest panel and a rear panel that keeps the hind quarters warm, as well as a long hem along the sides of the body. In addition, there is a warm piece that wraps around the chest. All of these features provide maximum thermal insulation and protection for a dog.

One of the nicest things that we found about this coat is that it is super warm, but is not bulky. In fact, it is quite thinner than expected for a super warm coat. It fit Odi very well and did not hinder his running at all. The jacket moved with his movements and he played as if he did not have any coat on at all.

Hurtta Ultimate Warmer Dog Coat for Winter

This dog jacket is definitely designed as a high end performance wear for active and working dogs, as are all of the Hurtta coats! This coat is a great choice for any breed that does not like the cold.

2. Water Resistance & Breathability

The Ultimate Warmer features the innovative Houndtex material designed for high performance and comfort by Hurtta. This material is smooth, soft, soundless, and breathable. The special construction makes the coat waterproof and windproof to keep all the elements of wind, snow, and rain out while keeping dogs warm.

We found these attributes to be true. We took Odi for a walk in the freezing rain. The Ultimate kept him dry, except for his head, lower legs and paws. The material is very soft and does not rub or irritate him even after wearing the coat for extended periods.

3. Features

Hurtta Pro Ultimate Warmer Pris

Here you can see the rear part of the coat open, with the elastic straps that keep the jacket from shifting.

Hurtta has thoroughly thought of every aspect for a dog and owner when it comes to this coat. The coat back has 2 openings – one at the collar to attach a leash to a collar and one in the middle to attach a leash to a harness. When not in use, these openings are covered with a flap of material to keep the warmth in and the weather out. Water did not seep into the holes when we used this coat out in the freezing rain.

The coat has 2 elastic straps that go around the hind legs to keep the coat in place when running or moving around a lot. Odi does not mind the straps being on and they do seem to help keep the coat from not shifting if he is really playing. However, we do not always use it and it is fine.

Hurtta Ultimate Winter Warmer Dog Jacket

Here is the rear panels shut for maximum warmth.

Other features include the adjustable buckle for the chest piece that is hidden underneath the coat and the cinch cords that can be used to tighten the coat around the neck area. In addition, there are snaps in the rear pieces that cover the hind quarters, giving the option to leave the rear end open or closed. The pieces snap together underneath the tail for complete warmth, which is especially good for windy days. However, they can snap up to leave the back end open for when a dog has not gone to the bathroom yet.

Lastly, the Hurtta Ultimate Warmer Dog Coats are available in 3 stylish colors, including granite, birch and raspberry. They also come in many sizes for the best fit.

4. Negatives

As mentioned above, the rear of the coat needs to be left open until a dog poops. The snaps make it very easy to keep the coat open so this is not really an issue. It is easy to snap the rear part of the coat shut for maximum warmth. Note that male dogs can still urinate with the coat on and completely closed.

The other issue for some may be that the neck piece of the coat has to be put over a dog’s head to get the coat on. While we did not have any trouble with this aspect, it may be a little tricky the 1st few times, especially when a dog is getting acclimated to the coat. Despite this, we found the coat to be very easy to put on and take off.


Overall, we conclude that the Ultimate Warmer is an exceptional coat! It performs well and has kept Odi dry and warm by insulating his whole body. It is stylish and sporty and works great for all our extended outdoor activities in very cold conditions.

We highly recommend this coat for all dog breeds. It is the perfect dog coat for bitter cold temperatures and harsh winters.

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  • Kara says:

    Love the Hurtta Ultimate Warmer! It is great quality, fits really well on my pitbull, and keeps her super warm! I give it 5 stars!!!

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