Midterm Elections – Vote Patches for Governor

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We were going for our walks this weekend (with my new dog gear) and I noticed how there are these sign things in people’s yards. I was like… What the heck is all this stuff? Mom explained to me that tomorrow is election day. I was like election for what? She explained that all the signs are for the midterm elections.

Midterm Elections? What are they?


Vote for me!

Of course, I had to ask my mom, “Well, what are midterm elections?” Mom went on to explain that midterm elections are elections where people vote on candidates to fill government positions that is held 2 years into a presidential term. The midterm elections do not coincide with a vote for a president (which is held every 4 years). Even though it is not a presidential election, the midterm elections do have several important races to vote on, including for some U.S. Senators & all House of Representatives.

She went on to explain that the signs around are neighborhood are for the govenors that will be voted on during the midterm elections. So, yeah, Pennsylvania is going to elect their governor tomorrow during the midterm elections. So, I decided I better put my campaign together really fast- I am now running in the midterm elections as governor. Ok, maybe not for real. Truly though, don’t you think “Vote Patches for Governor” has a nice ring to it?

So then Mom said she thinks this midterm election has gone to the dogs…WHAT???? This was a new one for me… so dogs can vote? I’m all over that! Well, she said that’s not really what it means. It does seem like politicians like to show their ads with dogs in them, though. Why do you say? Well, there are many dog owners and they are voters… Plus, even if you aren’t a dog owner when you look at those cute faces who wouldn’t want to vote for the owner. After all, anyone that would own such a cute dog has to be good, right? If that were the case Mom could run for president and if she’d stick me in all her ads, she’d be a shoe in to win!

Dogs as Electoral Candidates


Image via WDAY (http://redalertpolitics.com/)

Well, I know that I said I was going to run for governor so surely there has to be dogs out there that have run as electoral candidates somewhere. After a search, I found that in fact, it is true- there sometimes are non-human electoral candidates, such as dogs.

In August of 2014 in Cormorant, Minn a dog was elected mayor. Yep, you read that right… Mayor. There were only 12 people who lived in that “village” and they paid $1 to vote for him. His name is Duke, a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees. Mom is going to Minnesota over Christmas (yes leaving me again) so maybe she can go pay a visit to Duke and get her picture taken with him. Then there was this story about Zeus, an eight-year-old Rottweiler mix, who was sent a polling card to vote in the elections for the European Parliament. How does that happen? You can read about that here.

Anyway, I can’t wait for tomorrow and those midterm elections to be over. Then, all those signs can come out of the yards and my dog walks can once again become more enjoyable. Remember to go out and vote for the midterm elections. In PA, you have a choice between a Wolf and a Corgi…oh, I mean Corbett…whichever you chose remember it is your right and privilege to cast that vote so do it and keep it real.


Hard at work as a politician!

Ok, I had to add that last pic of me of what I would do if I get voted as governor during the midterm elections… I’m telling you, I would be a great politician!


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