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Midwest Dog Crates are very popular dog crates and have been for years. In fact, if you look at the Amazon Best Sellers list of Dog Crates & Kennels, you will find that 9 of the top 10 dog crates for sale are Midwest Dog Crates. Even more notable, most of the top 100 dog crates are the Midwest crate brand.

In addition to Amazon, another site has an online Best Dog Crate Guide stating that the Midwest iCrate and the Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate are the 2 best selling dog crates in the wire dog crate category.

Interview with Midwest Homes for Pets

The above statements made us very curious. Why are Midwest Dog Crates so popular? Why does Midwest have the best selling wire crates? Are Midwest wire crates truly the best dog crates?

To gain a better insight into the popularity of the Midwest Wire Dog Crates, we conducted an interview with Tara Whitehead, the Marketing Manager at MidWest Homes for Pets. In this article, you will find our 5 questions labeled with Q, followed by Tara’s response to each. We think you will find the interview really interesting and helpful when deciding if a Midwest Pet Crate is a good option for you.

Q&A Session:

Q1: What makes the brand Midwest stand out amongst other brands?

Answer by Tara Whitehead, Marketing Manager, MidWest Homes for Pets:

– Quality product is what built our brand, Midwest Homes for Pets, starting 90 years ago. It’s the foundation of our business. A commitment ongoing, industry-leading quality assurance and quality control practices and procedures is what sustains our brand.


Q2: How do Midwest Dog Crates compare to other wire dog crates?

While there are many types of dog crates on the market, such as plastic, wire, or wood crates, this interview is solely about the wire dog crates, as that is the focus of Midwest Homes for Pets.


Ovation Series Double Door Midwest Dog Crates

Answer by Tara:

– Each MidWest Dog Crate undergoes rigorous product testing from the product design phase and throughout the lifespan of the product line. Our tests follow detailed procedures and evaluation methods and are designed to meet the highest of standards, including those set forth by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

– We set ourselves apart from our competitors by our synergistic relationship among our research and design department, our quality control and testing lab, our customer service team, and our production facilities. These practices give our customers, at every level, the assurance that they are receiving the best possible product at the appropriate price. We are poised to address customer concerns when they arise. And ultimately, it ensures that the pets who use our products are given the best, most innovative, and safest homes and products on the market.


Q3: What are the main differences between your various Midwest Dog Crate Series?

Midwest offers many series of wire dog crates, including the Life Stages dog crates, Ovation dog crates, ACE dog crates, and the Ultima Pro dog crates. See our Midwest Dog Crates Series Guide to learn about the various crates.


Midwest iCrate Series Wire Dog Crate

Answer by Tara:

– MidWest offers single-, double-, and triple-door crates with an array of crate features to meet specific consumer needs. Most notably, we offer various door options, from the traditional slide-bolt latch system offered with iCrate® and LifeStages®, to the Up & Away Door on Ovation™ and Ovation Trainer™ to the new MAXLock® Door System on our LifeStages® A.C.E. crates. The MAXLock® Door can be operated without kneeling or bending, and it provides multiple lock points around the perimeter of the door.

– Our Ultima Pro crate features three doors that are removable and professional gauge steel construction. MidWest’s Ovation Trainer™ features an exclusive hybrid double door configuration, combining a swing-out door and the patented Up & Away door, which gives pet owners options and convenience. Other key features sought by consumers, that are included with all of the aforementioned Midwest Dog Crates, include proper ventilation and visibility, easy-to-clean plastic pans, fold and carry design, ease of use, and overall safety and security.


Q4: What are the advantages/disadvantages (pros/cons) of the Midwest Dog Crates?


Up and Away Series Dog Crate

Answer by Tara:

– A single door crate is less expensive than a double door crate, but a double door crate allows more flexibility in where the crate can be placed and how the doors can be operated within the home.

– A traditional slide-bolt latch is the most widely-available type of latch. However on larger sizes you must bend down to operate the latch, whereas the MAXLock® Door can be operated without kneeling or bending.

– The Ovation Up & Away door can be stowed over the crate, creating an open environment from which a dog can come and go, and it eliminates the need for space required by a hinged, swing-out door. However, the Up & Away door is not appropriate for a crate that will be stored under a table or counter top.


Q5: What is your most popular wire dog crate and why?

Answer by Tara:

– Our most popular is the iCrate® Single Door Crate because it is a trusted and proven brand, and it is available at a comfortable price point, especially for the first-time crate buyer and puppy owner.

Conclusion of Midwest Dog Crates Interview

Midwest Homes for Pets is a very reputable company with a long-standing history. Their commitment to quality shines through, making Midwest Dog Crates some of the most popular and best wire dog crates available on the market.

We hope that you have found the interview with the Marketing Manager of Midwest Homes for Pets to be helpful and informative on the background of Midwest Dog Crates.


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  • Fanny says:

    Great questions. So glad to get an insider’s perspective on their crates. I know Midwest crates always have great reviews.

  • Annie says:

    Nice interview. We have bought Midwest dog crates years ago and they are still standing up to the test of our new puppy!

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