Military Dogs & Soldiers Honored – Veterans Day

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Mom had some friends over this weekend and some of them were talking about how they have off on Tuesday November 11 for Veterans Day. I was like…what are you all talking about? Of course it is tough for me to get all the words as I have to read their lips..but I know I was getting the gist of the conversation. So, afterwards Mom had to sit and explain to me and Gigi what this was all about, especially about military dogs. Isn’t it a good thing that Mom is a teacher? We get to learn so much from her. Of course I am digressing once again. I am going to have to talk about ADHD one time soon and maybe even about my newest dog outdoor gear. Enough digressing…

Veterans Day History


Back to Veterans Day… What is it all about and why are we celebrating it? Mom said it is a day that we honor US Veterans and victims of all wars, including military dogs. A veteran is someone who has served in the military…well it can also mean a person who has had long experience in a particular field….in this case we are talking about those that served in the military. The reason it is on November 11 is because that is the day that World War I came to end. Actually that’s the day the fighting stopped, but it wouldn’t “officially” end until 7 months later when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. It was first called Armistice Day, but was later changed to Veterans Day and was meant to honor Americans of all wars, not just those from World War I.

So, unlike some other holiday’s like Columbus Day or Memorial Day, which are celebrated on Monday’s (not on the real day), Veterans Day is celebrated on the actual date that it was first intended to be-the day fighting stopped in World War I. The only reason the government wanted it on a Monday was so people could have a long weekend so they could travel and spend money. I guess that was about economics or something…but some states hated it on the Monday and it went back to the date it happened. So, November 11 it became and has stayed.

Military Dogs


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Veterans Day is a wonderful day to honor those that fought in wars to make sure we all have our freedom. The saying freedom isn’t free is so true. It got me to wondering if dogs had any part in wars. Guess what? They did and they do. Military dogs (also called war dogs) do many things. Military dogs are couriers (take things places), guard places/people (can “take down” when they have to), detect hidden explosives (with our great sense of smell)… hey, I can do that especially since I don’t have my hearing anymore.

I think it is amazing what military dogs have done for our country. Besides all of that, military dogs also provide companionship to their soldier. Sometimes I think that is probably the most important thing of all. I know what I mean to my Mom and Dad. Can you imagine what a dog could mean to someone who is so far away from their loved ones and, on top of that, in a war? That’s priceless. Mom found out that military dogs do not get to go home when their soldier goes home. Isn’t that a crock of something? That made me really sad and angry when Mom told me that.

She did say the American Humane Association has been working on reuniting soldiers and their dogs. In fact, Mom found an article on the New York Post that stated on Tuesday, 6 of these duos (military dogs & their soldiers) will be honored during a Veterans Day Parade. Mom reading me this article made me feel a whole bunch better. I can’t imagine living without my Mom and Dad. Especially after everything we’ve been through together.

K9 Veterans Day or Veterans Day Dogs

It is good to know that dogs have played a piece of our history in keeping us free. Way to go military dogs & war dogs! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as we are really amazing animals. We have so much to offer- not just helping our country but just loving those that love us. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Mom also said that a man, Joe White (and after he died his wife Sally) was working on making a Veterans Day just for dogs. A day that will honor the military dogs who helped fight in our wars. He wanted it on March 13… that’s because March 13, 1942 is the official birthday of the United States K9 Corps. WOW! I bet you never knew that there was an official K9 Corps… see you learn something everyday … In 2010 New Jersey adopted this day. Let’s see what we can do about PA? You can check out more information about K9 Veterans Day here. …until next time..thank a Veteran (two legged and four legged) and remember to keep it real.

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