Consider a Pet Gear Stroller When Choosing Your New Pet Stroller

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Pet strollers offer you a convenient way to protect your dog outside and take him places that you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable doing so. These pet buggies are great for small dogs that can not keep up to a fast pace and tire out on long walks, and for senior or injured dogs that can not enjoy active outdoor activities due to health issues. If you are ready to take your dog along with you during your morning jogs, hikes, daily errands, and more, you should consider purchasing a pet stroller.

The company Pet Gear makes some exceptional dog strollers with a variety of different features, and most Pet Gear stroller reviews are incredibly positive. There are several different models available, so you can choose the one that meets you and your dog’s exact needs that will go where you want to go. Below are the models that they offer, so you can start to decide which is the best dog stroller (or cat stroller) for you.

Pet Gear Stroller Comparison:

Many of the most popular Pet Gear strollers are the no-zip dog jogging stroller styles. A pet jogging stroller is designed with features to allow easy maneuverability for all types of terrains and paces. They typically have a 3 wheel structure (1 in the front with 2 in the rear), large tires, and a lightweight construction.

The Pet Gear dog jogging strollers are no exception. These buggies feature large 12″ tires, rear shock absorbers, and a durable construction that provides a smooth ride for dogs over all types of terrain. Additionally, they feature a padded ergonomic handle, an option to lock the front wheel or allow it to swivel, and a lightweight design so that it is easy to push and turn. These features make a pet jogging stroller the best option for walking, jogging, or running with your dog, particularly when on off-road terrains.

There are many different Pet Gear jogging strollers available, including the AT3 Dog Stroller, the Pet Gear Dog Jogger, the NV Pet Stroller, and the AT3 Generation 2 All-Terrain Pet Stroller. We have compiled a Pet Gear Stroller Comparison Chart to demonstrate several of the key differences. Note that we also included the popular PetZip 1st Class Jogger Stroller for comparison.


Dog Jogging Stroller Chart

No-Zip TechnologyYesYesYesNoNo
Dog Cabin Area (L x W x H)30" x 13" x 22"30" x 13" x 22"30" x 13" x 22"30.5" x 14" x 24"24" x 12.5" x 18"
Dog Weight Limit75 pounds75 pounds70 pounds60 pounds45 pounds
Panoramic View & Paw RestYesYesYesNoNo
Tire Size & Type12" EVA Poly Tires12" Air Tires12" Air Tires12" EVA Poly Tires9" EVA Poly Tires - Double Front Wheels
Weight of Stroller28 lbs27 lbs27 lbs28 lbs22 lbs
Extra FeaturesRear Shock Absorbers- Rear Shock Absorbers, Free Air PumpRear Shock Absorbers, Free Air Pump, Free Bolster Pad & Weather Cover IncludedRear Shock Absorbers
Color OptionsForest Green, Midnight River Blue, Rugged RedForest Green, Midnight River Blue, Rugged RedRose, SkylineRed Poppy, Blue SkyBlue, Pink, Yellow, 2 Limited Edition Patterns
Height to Handle41.5" H41.5" H42" H41.25" H38" H


Key Differences Between Pet Jogging Stroller Options:

1. No-Zip Technology

pet gear strollers no-zip technology

All of the strollers on our comparison chart have several things in common. They all have one-hand folding for easy transportation and storage. They have a cup holder tray, which many customers have stated are fairly shallow. In addition, they all have a retractable canopy with mesh and a nice size storage basket below the stroller. However, there are a few features that set them apart.

The 1st of these is the easy locking no-zip technology where the traditional zipper openings are replaced with an easy-locking latch. This means there are no hassles dealing with zippers when opening or closing the mesh screen, saving time and frustration. This has made the strollers with the No-Zip technology (NV, Jogger & AT3 No-Zip) to become very popular.


2. Tire Type

Another major difference is the tire type. The Pet Gear AT3 No-Zip and AT3 Generation 2, as well as the PetZip 1st Class Jogger utilize EVA Poly tires, which are the most common types of tires on today’s baby strollers. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a lightweight material that holds up well, requires virtually no maintenance, and does not go flat (hence, the term “never-flat” tires). The PetZip Jogger has smaller size wheels, which will make it more difficult to push on uneven terrain.


The Pet Gear Jogger and NV Pet Stroller have air-filled or pneumatic tires. Air-filled tires are able to handle bumps and rough terrain better than EVA tires, providing a more cushioned and smoother ride for your dog and easier maneuverability for you. However, they also require more maintenance if they need air or get a flat.

Pet owners who will be using their stroller on many different types of surfaces, will be going off-road on gravel or grass, or live in areas with very uneven sidewalks usually prefer air-filled tires. In fact, the Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller with air-tires is consumer rated as the best dog stroller for jogging!


3. Fixed or Swivel Front Wheel

All of the Pet Gear strollers have the option for the front wheel to swivel or lock in place. This gives flexibility to have the best maneuverability in various conditions. The fixed wheel option is when the front wheel does not turn. Locking the wheel in place allows for better handling over rough terrain and is often preferred when jogging or running. The swivel option allows for easy steering in any direction. This option is perfect for everyday walks and around town. The PetZip Stroller does not have the locked option.


4. Height to Handle

The Pet Gear Stroller options all have similar heights from the ground to the handle of 41″ to 42″, which seems to be comfortable for adults of all heights. The PetZip Jogger is on the shorter side with a height to handle of 38″. Taller people may be uncomfortable when pushing this stroller, as they may feel that they have to bend down.


5. Dog Cabin Area & Dog Weight Limit

The dog cabin area is the interior space where a pet actually rides and the dog weight limit is the maximum capacity the stroller can handle according to the manufacturer. The specific measurements and weight limits of each stroller are listed in the chart above. It is important to measure your dog to ensure that they will fit comfortably in the stroller, even if the stroller can handle the weight. Most dogs that weigh close to the maximum limit (e.g. 70 lbs) will not fit well in these strollers.


As you can see from these pet gear stroller reviews, PetGear has really set the bar high for reliable pet strollers. There are many different models available from this company, and they all feature excellent design and quality. By purchasing a pet stroller, you will be able to take your companion along with you during jogs, runs, trips to the mall and other activities that you couldn’t normally take him. Your dog or cat will enjoy being with you and the new surroundings, and you will be able to relax knowing that he is safe and happy inside his new stroller.


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  • Juda says:

    I have read a few reviews on other sites complaining that the tires on the jogger (and, if the comments on this blog hold true, the NV) do not hold air, and that they require excessive refilling. I can’t know what they consider excessive, but would like to know what would be considered normal for these tires. How frequently do they require inflation? More than bicycle tires? I understand that it depends on conditions, use, etc.; however, my concern is, that if I deem it excessive–that the tires are losing air for no discernible reason other than defect–I will be able to exchange/return the stroller or tires? Any opinions/experiences here regarding tires?

    • Hi Juda,

      We have personally not heard any complaints about the tires holding air. That does not mean that there are none, we just haven’t heard anything from our customers that have purchased the Pet Gear strollers – either the jogger or the NV dog stroller. There manufacturer has a 30 day limited warranty that its Pet Gear products, when subject to normal and proper residential use, will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 30 Days from the purchase date. This type of issue is deemed a manufacturer’s defect so any return or need for “new” tires would have to go directly through PetGear. Let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Danielle Gagne says:

    Thanks for the answers posted here, very helpful. I just want to comment on my experiences with these strollers , as I have had many of them. I started with the AT3 zippered stroller. Solid, all around d good performance for my 30 lb beagles terrier mix and occasionally, a 21 lb Cairin Terrier joins in . It rolls well on all sorts of terrain on the Eva poly tires. I have found that the zipper area becomes difficult to use after a year or so and now in its 3 rd year of use the zipper is separating from the fabric requiring a seamstress. Instead I’m now going to buy a new stroller. I also have a Double no zip stroller and had issues right of the box , as it arrived ripped. The great news is that I purchased it from Drs Foster and Smith and both they and Pet Gear were outstanding in their making things right! They sent me a new one right away. Too bad that one arrived ripped too! That sent me a new one right away and that one has been in use for a year now. The front wheel can be a bit “wobbly when there isn’t enough weight on it, but the option to lock the wheel into position solves that and the smooth ride returns. Once the dogs are situated I return the wheel to the free position and it turns on a dime. I also use the rain bonnet a lot and love it, won’t be without it! The No zip feature is great and now I will purchase a single no zip stroller for travel to Europe. The few suggestions I might ask Pet Gear to consider would be to make a Travel bag, for use loading the cart onto an airplane or train etc. Currently I use a folding bike bag. It works ok, but one made specifically for these strollers would be a big win!!!! If anyone here has any other suggestions for travel bags I would appreciate hearing what you use! Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and plan to stick wit Pet Gear going forward. Now to decide between the no zip jogger or no zip NV.

    • Kristy says:

      Thank you Danielle for sharing your experience with the Pet Gear Strollers! It is very thorough and a great help for anyone needing some personal feedback. I suggest the no zip NV as it comes with a free bolster pad and rain cover. In addition, I personally like the colors. If you don’t need the rain cover, then it may not be worth the extra cost.

  • Sassyme1030 says:

    What is the difference between models PG8600BPK and PG8600BOB?

  • Sassyme1030 says:

    I am co siderite g purchasing a pet stroller, but want to know the difference between models PG8600BPK and PG8600BOB. Which would be the best purchase? I have four small dogs, but would probably only get three of them to ride.

  • Benjmin says:

    It’s also important to note that the quality of the wheels is going to effect how much wear and tear the stroller can take especially if you are going to use it to jog on a regular basis.

  • catstroller says:

    This is best blog and very informative. Thank you for sharing such important information about Choosing Your New Pet Stroller.This is very important to choose stroller keep the things in mind type of movement does this particular pet stroller allow,more flexible,easy to move anywhere.

  • Olive says:

    I have 5 small breed dogs the heaviest is around 17 pounds. Would I be able to travel with all of them in one stroller? If so which would be best

    • Kristy says:

      You may be able to with Pet Gear’s No-Zip Double Stroller. It has a max capacity of 90 lbs and the interior dimensions are 27″L x 20″W x 23″H. We are able to get this stroller for you so let us know if you are interested.

  • Pam Davis says:

    I have been researching a pet stroller to buy, as the one I have is too small. I am reading on the Amazon site, that the bag/under seam of these carriages are coming apart, and it make sense as a smaller one I have did the same thing in the back, where the mesh window meets it. The lady is correct in saying that there are reviews out there with seam problems ….. Are you hearing anything from the PetGear manufacturer on this defect?

    • Kristy says:

      I have seen a few reviews on Amazon mentioning this issue and have contacted the manufacturer. Pet Gear Sales Division stated that they have not seen any seam issues with any of their current strollers. They do have a 30 day warranty that covers any defects in material or workmanship that guarantees a replacement. We personally have not heard of any issues from our customers. I also want to apologize for the delayed response. We were having technical difficulties, but all is well now.

  • aboanis says:

    The days when dog stroller meant a very basic stroller are gone. Nowadays, the market is full of strollers which not only look exceptionally decent, but also offer plenty of features to keep dogs, as well as owners, satisfied.

  • robin snyder says:

    i am looking for an off road stroller and am confused that your “all terrain” stroller uses the EVA tires, but then you say that air tires are better for off road. Which is the best for gravel, hard packed roads?

    • Kristy says:

      Either will work fine for gravel, hard packed roads. Air tires will provide a smoother ride for really bumpy or uneven off road uses. Hope that helps clarify.

      Please accept my apologies for the late reply – we were having technical issues that are now fixed.

  • Joni fletcher says:

    Ok I have read some of the differences. But what are the differences between the NV and no zip jogger stroller? Is the NV bit better? I have read reviews that the jogger rips in the bed of the stroller and there is not much support in the cab. Does the NV have a better support in the cab of the stroller? If that is the case I would be inclined to buy the NV one however I really like the better choice of colors in the jogger!

    • Kristy says:

      Thanks for your questions. The NV and the No Zip Jogger are basically the same stroller, but in different color options. The main difference is that the NV comes with a free bolster pad and a weather cover. We have not heard of any issues of the bed ripping in either stroller.

      If you prefer the colors of the Jogger, we suggest you go with that stroller. The Bolster Pad is available for purchase separately if you decide that you like that option but still want to go with the Jogger. However, it is a better deal to get the NV Stroller since you also get a weather cover for free. If you don’t need the accessories, definitely go with the style/color you like!

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