Results of the Durability Test of Our Dog Poop Bags

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There always comes a time when you need to pick up after your dog, especially if you take daily walks, go to dog parks, travel with your dog, or just have lots of outings. Having poop bags on hand is important. However, selecting the very best biodegradable dog poop bag can be a difficulty. One of the main concerns that should enter your mind is the quality of the waste bags. You do not want to be cleaning up your dog’s waste and have the bag leak or break and create a messier situation, especially if it would end up on you. That is just disgusting!

We, at Cross Peak Products, have tested the quality of our dog poop bags by carrying out two tests for durability, strength and total quality. The details of the experiments (the Leakage Test and Durability Test), as well as the results are outlined here.

The Leakage Test or the Water Test was initiated to guarantee that the doggie bags did not leak. The test was performed by adding water to the bags, tying them shut, and letting the water-containing bags sit on the lawn for a half hour. After the half hour, the bags were strongly shaken to mimic tough conditions, followed by an inspection for leakages. The outcome of the test was positive. The results showed no water on the outside of the bags. Final Result = No Leaks!

The Durability Test or the Rock Test was initiated to guarantee that the waste bags did not tear, to examine resiliency and to test strength. The test was performed by adding a large, rough rock to the bags, tying them shut, shaking the bags vigorously and then inspecting for tears or splits. The outcome of the test was positive. The results demonstrated no bag breaks. Final Result = No Slits, No Tears!

We understand that no pet clean-up task is actually enjoyable. Nevertheless, it is a requirement when owning a dog. Selecting a high quality poop bag will make the job easier. Our dog poop bags passed both the Water and Rock Tests, demonstrating their durable material. In addition, these bags are lightly scented to mask all those undesirable odors.

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