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Dogs absolutely love going for rides and traveling by vehicle with you, especially if they get to ride in the front passenger seat beside you. That is the case with my Vizsla, Odi, who calls “shotgun” every time I am about to go anywhere in my car.

And yes, he gets to go for at least one ride every day when I am either running a quick errand or taking him to a fun place where he can run and play. Along with car rides for him comes the necessity of a dog seat cover to keep the seat clean and protected, which is made possible with the Solvit Sta-Put Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover.

Our Review of the Waterproof Sta-Put Bucket Seat Cover

Solvit Sta-Put Waterproof Bucket Dog Seat Cover

Before I jump right into the review of the Solvit Bucket Seat Cover, I want to give a quick history. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, Odi absolutely loves to go for car rides with me. The only issue with him riding in my car every day is the mess that he brings along.

While he is a short-haired dog and doesn’t shed quite as drastically as most breeds, he still leaves little brown hairs everywhere. I do mean everywhere, especially in my car. He also does not have the slightest idea of what staying clean means. He always seems to find a way to get wet and dirty on his walks, which equates to a mess ending up in my vehicle.

To keep the dirt from getting all over my seat, I used to use the towel method. I would get an old towel, stuff one end in between the head rest, and let it drape over the seat. Let me just say from experience- this method does not work at all! As soon as Odi would jump in and move, the towel would fall down the back and scrunch up on the seat. Dog hair and dirt would get all over the seat.

So, I smartly decided to invest in a seat cover. Since then, I have used several brands and was quite excited to have the opportunity to test out the Sta Put Bucket Seat Cover by Solvit. For this review, I examined the ease of use, durability, fit, coverage, appearance, and the price/value. Read on for the details.

Ease of Installation

Sta-Put Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover with Lifetime Warranty

The bucket seat cover installation is very simple. This cover is easy to install and to remove within less than a minute. In fact, it normally can be put on or taken off in about 30 seconds once you have used it a few times.

Personally, I find it more convenient to just keep the cover on my car seat because Odi literally is going for a ride almost every single day. Also, I usually do not have any adult passengers that need to ride in the front seat. The kids ride in the back so Odi still gets the front seat when they are along. If there are others riding along, I usually take our other vehicle.

Either way, this cover is super easy to take off when I do get a human passenger. When I have taken the cover off, there has been no trace of dog hair, dirt or other marks on my seat, making it a clean spot for my friends to ride.

You can, of course, actually use this seat cover for human passengers and kids to keep your bucket seats protected from drinks, spills, and other messes. I would just recommend that you don’t use it for both dogs and humans without a washing in between, unless they don’t mind getting dog hair on their clothes.

Durability & Effectiveness

The Solvit Seat Cover does exactly what is has been designed to do – keep a bucket seat clean and protected. These covers are tough with a canvas-like weave texture and vinyl backing. The cover traps dog hair, mud, and dirt. It also is waterproof and keeps moisture from leaking onto the seat.

Durability of Solvit Waterproof Sta Put Bucket Seat Cover

I took Odi for many walks where he decided to run through creeks and mud puddles right before going home, which meant he was wet and muddy when sitting on the cover. I have been amazed at how well this cover has kept my seat clean.

I have removed the cover while it still was wet and there was not a trace of dampness on the bottom side of the cover. This truly is waterproof and keeps the seat clean – No Dirt! No Dog Hair! No Mess! I have not had to pay for any fabric cleaners to clean the upholstery or even vacuum the seat off after using this cover.

The Bucket Seat Cover is extremely durable. Odi’s nails grow really fast and get long quickly. Plus, he is fairly large for a Vizsla at 64 pounds. Despite him moving around, there have been no punctures or even scratches in the material from his nails. We have used this cover for months and there are no signs of wear and tear.

Several customers mentioned that the material was a bit slippery than anticipated. However, I found that the grip is better than some of the other car seat covers we have tested. Odi did not have any trouble riding in the front seat on this cover. He did not slip or slide off, even when I was turning or stopping.

This cover comes with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Fit / Coverage

Bucket Seat Cover for Dogs by Solvit, Item # 62315

This is a universal bucket seat cover in that it is designed to fit all bucket seats in the front or rear. It fits great in my Chevy Cavalier as you can see in the pictures. Customers have been happy with the fit in many different types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. In addition, these covers have fit well in various vehicle manufacturers, including, but not limited to, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Toyota and VW. As one would expect, the cover may fit a bit differently from one vehicle to another, meaning it may be more of a snug or loose fit, and may not fit a specially designed racing bucket seat that is not standard.

The Sta Put Bucket Seat Cover protects the entire seat without interfering with any of the mechanics of the seat and it can be used with armrests. The bucket dog seat cover is great for either cloth or leather seats. It can even be used with heated leather seats, providing a warm spot for Fido to ride.

Aesthetic Value

This cover is a definite buy for those seeking functionality over looks. Aesthetic wise, I would give this cover a 3 out of 5 based on its design. First, the cover is only available in one color- a sage type color, which matches most interiors, but is not the exact same color of most upholstery. Second, the elastic bands that help keep the cover in place are visible from the rear, which is common in many of the dog bucket seat covers, but not necessarily very visually appealing.

If you are looking for other color options and patterns, we recommend the Canine Covers Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Covers. They are available in many colors, camo options and paw print patterns.

Additional Features

– Sta-Put Technology & Machine Washability

Solvit sta-put technology keeps seat cover in place

The Sta-Put technology makes this Solvit cover stay in place. The cover has several elastic straps that go around the seat. It addition, the cover anchors into the fold of the seat by a strap with a small tube mechanism that gets pushed between the seat top and bottom gap. This kept the bucket seat cover from shifting or moving, even when Odi jumped in and out, turned to lie down, or moved around.

One of the best attributes of this cover is that it is machine washable. Since Odi uses the cover often, I usually will remove the cover and simply shake it off to get rid of any excess pet hair and loose dirt. However, it is very nice to have the option to remove it and throw it into the washing machine when it gets really muddy and wet. It should be hung out to dry and not put into the dryer.

Recently, I was sweeping out my car so I decided to keep the cover in place and try to use the shop-vac to vacuum the hair off. I was surprised that the car seat cover stayed in place even while I was vacuuming it. One thing that I did notice is that hair truly does stick to this cover, which is great at preventing hair all over the rest of your vehicle. However, some hair stayed on the cover even after vacuuming. I have found the only way to get the cover completely clean is to throw it in the washing machine.


For the price, this cover is hard to beat! The Solvit Sta-Put Bucket Car Seat Cover is one of the best covers that we have tried, but please note that we don’t rank the appearance (color and visible straps) very high. It is durable, easy to use, waterproof, and stays in place. The cover traps dirt and hair and keeps the seat spotless. It has a universal fit and works on most bucket seats. Overall, this bucket seat cover is a very practical and simple solution to keeping a car seat protected from dogs and passengers.

Video Review of the Bucket Seat Cover

Learn more about the types of dog seat covers available.

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