Thankful List by Me, Patches, in Lieu of Thanksgiving

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I know Thanksgiving is over and I did a whole bit about the origins of Thanksgiving and how to keep us dogs safe during this time…BUT… I do want to talk about being thankful and blessings. Yea, I know everyone says they are thankful for their families and friends… Mom must of read 50 posts on Facebook that said that…well, of course we are. We should be and if someone isn’t they aren’t going to be reading my blog anyway… not sure I’d want them to.


Gigi and I on one of our 3 car rides this past weekend! Mom was at a stop sign in our neighborhood.

So, I didn’t want you to think I had generic blessings so I came up with my own unique thankful list, but before I get to that, I have to share how thankful I am for all the people in my life. You all know how much I love my Dad, Mom and sister Gigi. Ok, I know Gigi is a dog like me, but she definitely deserves to be on this list.

I also got to see my other favorite people during Thanksgiving. I saw my other sisters and brother-Rebecca, Sarah and Jason-not all at the same time, but Mom said next year she is going to take care of that. She is already planning to have dinner at 4:00 so everyone can be together and then we can all play games after we eat. Jason always says how he thinks I can hear some. He tries to do snap his fingers behind my ears. He doesn’t think the vets know what they are talking about. Really?


I am soo cute when I nap aren’t I?

Anyway, My Uncle Dan was here. He is doing so well and it is so cool to spend time with him…he even fixed the potty for Mom. Rebecca’s “friend” Steve was here too. He calls me Patches O’Toole, haha..he is so funny. Then I can’t forget little Josh… he even spent the night and most of the next day with Mom. Other than him almost smacking me in the face (it was an accident as he is very very busy and didn’t see me) it is fun when he is here. People came back on Friday and I even got to see cousin Shelley on Saturday.

It was a busy time. Gigi and I were very tired. We slept late each day. I was sad that I didn’t get to see my Nanny. She came home from the hospital on Thanksgiving, but wasn’t up to coming for dinner. I’m glad she is doing okay. Hopefully she gets good results back from the pathology reports that were sent away. I know having Nanny doing okay after her long surgery was on the top of Mom’s Thankful list this year!! So, here is my Thankful list done in a creative way… that Mom, she is so tricky sometimes!!

My Thankful List

T – Taken on walks where I can use my outdoor dog wear.

H – Having lots of people come to our house to see me and I get to cuddle with them. Ok so Sarah has a broken arm from me stepping on her. 🙂

A – Always having a warm bed to sleep on at night.

N – NAPS – No need for a further explanation!

K – Kids – I love to have kids around to play with and they keep me young!

S – Snow – yea… No I really hate it cause it is cold, but I do love to frolic in it especially when I can wear my doggie boots.

G – Going for car rides. We got 3 of them over the long weekend!

I – Inside where it is warm..that’s a really good thing especially in the winter!

V – Vision – since I don’t have my hearing anymore I really have to count on my eyes. They work overtime! I still have great vision even though I am 13.

I – Indulging in excessive treats especially y around the holidays like all my human friends experience. Yum for turkey too!

N – Neighbors-I love meeting them and hanging out when we go for our walks. Suki is my favorite.

G – Gigi- yea, as sisters go I got a good one. We have fun together and I even share the love seat with her. Plus she is my hearing ear dog!

Stay warm, be thankful, count your blessings and keep it real!


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